Country: India
Established: 1989

Changing the lives of street and working children

Butterflies believe in the right of every child to have a fully-fledged childhood where s/he has the right to protection, respect, opportunities and participation in his/her growth and development.

Butterflies is committed to a non-institutional approach, follows the principle of democracy and promotes children’s participation in decision making as part of its programme planning, monitoring and evaluation. Their programmes for children include: education, health care, Children’s Development Khazana, Children’s Alternate Media (radio, theatre and newspaper), Childline and a resilience centre, Butterflies School of Food Preparation and Catering, and night outreach.


These programmes are carried out in 12 contact areas in Delhi at points where there is concentration of street/working children such as at a bus terminus, market or railway station.

Butterflies also runs three night shelters in Delhi. They also have a research, advocacy and training wing, and an alliance building that works to support mobilisation of civil society and influence policies at all levels. Butterflies also:

  • Works with street and working children in Delhi since 1989;
  • Reaches out to 1,500 children;
  • Aims to give children a voice in decision-making;
  • Helps children lobby for their own rights.


This is Family for Every Child

Family for Every Child has 19 organisations from 18 countries across the world united by a common vision of a world where every child can grow up in a permanent, safe and caring family.

Our work is about giving children a voice and representation. If you ask them, children have a very clear idea of what they need to grow up into healthy, productive contributors to our society.

Rita Panicker, Director, Butterflies

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