Partnership for Every Child

Country: Russia
Established: 2009

Preventing family separation in Russia

Partnership for Every Child focuses on preventing loss of parental care for children and ensuring that where children do have to leave, they are protected in a safe, secure family environments.

The organisation has recently focused on developing emergency and respite foster care as preventative measures to support children and families in crisis. Both these forms of care involve providing short-term foster placements where a child can be cared for while their family of origin receives support to address their problems.

In the case of emergency care this is in response to an immediate crisis, and in respite care it is more a means to relieve the long-term pressure on parents of children with disabilities by providing them with short breaks.


Partnership for Every Child:

  • Has worked in the field of family separation for over 20 years;
  • Uses a rights based approach in its programmes combining practical actions, advocacy and constituency building activities;
  • Aims to make a contribution to reducing the proportion of children without parental care in Russia as a whole, and more directly in St Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.


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This is Family for Every Child

Family for Every Child has 19 organisations from 18 countries across the world united by a common vision of a world where every child can grow up in a permanent, safe and caring family.

Very often children can be placed with foster families or institutions without prior communication or an explanation of what is going on. I would like children to be informed, consulted and to enjoy more respect.

Irina Zinchenko

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