Undugu Society of Kenya

Country: Kenya
Established: 1973

Empowers children to break away from poverty and life on the streets

Undugu Society of Kenya (USK) is an independent national non-profit NGO based in Nairobi, Kenya. USK works to improve the care of children and youth living and working on the street in Nairobi and its close-by area.

USK works in both curative and preventive ways with the aim to provide rehabilitation and reintegration/integration for children into families and communities. The organisation provides peer-to-peer support for each case.

USK also runs a temporary place of shelter to receive those rescued from the streets and protect them while their families are located and prepared to receive them back.


With their unique approach and dynamic programmes, USK have been able to expand its reach beyond Nairobi and influence for positive change at national level. USK:

  • Supports and rehabilitates street children;
  • Promotes the socio-economic empowerment of children, their families and their communities;
  • Uses its knowledge and experiences to influence at political level.


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