Uyisenga Ni Imanzi

Country: Rwanda
Established: 2002

Rebuilding families across Rwanda

Uyisenga Ni Imanzi works with children and young adults who have become orphans and head of their households as a result of the Rwandan genocide and HIV and AIDS.

The majority of their beneficiaries are also survivors of the genocide and suffer from the consequences of witnessing and being victims of many atrocities. Uyisenga offers many different types of support such as mental health care, support to achieve economic sustainability through the development of income generating activities, and funds for education and materials for children to attend school.


They have also been able to build homes for some people, allowing them to reconstruct the families that were previously scattered across orphanages and foster homes.

The organisation advocates for the rights of children, including those who are head of their households, across Rwanda.

  • Uyisenga has provided assistance for those testifying at the Gacaca courts, a system of community justice established in the wake of the Rwandan Genocide;
  • Every day, at least 200 children under the age of five are left vulnerable, with strangers and a lack of care, when their parents cross the border to look for work in the DRC;
  • Uyisenga has recently brought together multiple stakeholders and created a community-based organisation committed to ending this abandonment.


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The harm caused by inadequate care is particularly acute for very young children, and therefore policy-makers and practitioners in the child protection and social protection fields must make particular joint efforts to improve the care of such children.

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