Family Alliance was incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization in the state of New York in 2014. Overall responsibility for high level strategy and the direction of Family Alliance lies with our volunteer board, individuals thoughtfully elected based on their expertise in child protection, international development, and resource and relationship building.


Accountability to children and families, members, partners and key stakeholders is a core value of Family Alliance. We are committed to being honest and open in the communication and sharing of relevant information about our structure, strategy, policies, activities, budget and achievements, in an appropriate form, with target groups and other stakeholders.

If you would like further information concerning Family Alliance’s structure, strategy, policies, activities, budget and achievements, please contact us by email.

Useful documents:

Child Protection Policy: Family has a commitment to protect all children from abuse and exploitation and recognizes that the children with whom and for whom we work are particularly vulnerable. You can read about our beliefs, commitments, and code of conduct here.

Visual Images Policy: The children and families you see on this web site and in all our materials are individuals being served by our member organizations. We follow strict guidelines to protect those we serve. You can read our photo policy here.